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Ecological Rodent Control

Ekomille is an electromechanical equipment for the capture, continuous and effective, of all species of rodent pests (mice and rats). Thanks to its characteristics it ensures hygiene, safety and ecology.


Simple, hygienic, effective

The result of years of study and research, with twenty years experience certified, the equipment is operated in a natural way without the use of poisons or harmful, but taking advantage of the ethology of pests.

Immediate catches

The rodent, attracted by natural priming, is captured instantly just trying to eat. Very sensitive electromechanical devices allow immediate catch, multiple and continuous.

Professional PCO

Human factor

The pest control operator, through the use of Ekomille and Eko System accessories, is finally able to express its full potential in terms of image and professional competence, thanks to the possibility of being able to use a technology that makes objective and transparent the result of its operating activities.

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Ecological Rodent Control​

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