Ekomille RC

Ekomille, number one in the ecological rodent control market, combined with the power of the Ekontrol system, becomes Ekomille RC, the digital device with continuous capture for pest rodents completely manageable from remote

Smart, Ecological, Animal Friendly

Ekomille RC is the new landmark in ecological rodent control.

The remote-control functions combined with its features guarantee hygiene and safety and make it the most advanced and safe tool for the continuous capture of mice and rats.

Ecological and hygienic

It uses natural food substances as an attractant. It retains the catches in its internal bucket avoiding the dispersion of carcasses into the environment.


No use of poisons or toxic and chemical substances. No risk to non-target people or animals. Real-time notifications in case of the device overturning or blocking.

Remote Controlled

Fully manageable remotely via web app. Activate or deactivate the trap-door. Check the battery status. Check the alarms. Count catches and passages of rodents.

Animal Friendly

Ekomille was developed as a capture system: you can also decide to capture rodents without killing them, and then release them in the wild.

Total control

The Ekontrol system integrated in the device allows you to comfortably manage all the most important parameters and tools of Ekomille RC wherever you are.

Totally independent, it does not require control units or external connection devices. Once placed, it is ready for use. Through the web app it is possible to check the status of the device and the messages received through an extremely intuitive symbol system.

Trap activation

Activate or deactivate the trapdoor remotely and quickly switch between monitoring and capturing


Check and receive notifications whenever the trap is triggered

Contact with the bait

With the trapdoor closed, it checks the effectiveness of the bait by checking the passage of the rodents

Battery status

Check the battery charge level in real time: you will receive a notification when it drops below the preset threshold

Trap door block

No more Ekomille inactive: an instant warning message if the trapdoor is blocked


Be careful of the unexpected: if the device is damaged or overturned, you will know immediately

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