Make rodent control
without poisoning the environment and harm the health

Ekomille is a modern system for ecological rodent control that ensures high efficiency. The device enables monitoring and continuous capture of mice and rats with the guarantee of hygiene, safety, ecology.

The rodent control carried out by traditional methods involves a high risk of harm to humans, due to poisonous substances used in bait or for serious infections caused by the carcasses of the animals released into the environment.

Ekomille totally eliminates these problems by using as attractive natural food substances and holding the carcasses in the tank.


An hygienic and safe system of ecological rodent control

Environmentally friendly

Use as natural food attractant substances


Catches and holds in tank mice and rats, preventing the dispersal of infected carcasses in the environment


No poisons, substances harmful or dangerous to children and pets not in target

Make pest control in security internal and external areas of industries, civil buildings, environments and territories

The capture system Ekomille, which does not use poisons or harmful substances and not disperses infected carcasses in the environment, can be used with absolute safety, both indoors and outside, with floor mounting or suspended. Special accessories also ensure confidentiality, security, and ease of positioning.



Thanks to its characteristics of health and safety, Ekomille is particularly suitable for rodent control in the agri-food and livestock companies in the Ho.Re.Ca channel, in touristic structures and shopping malls, being able to offer HACCP guarantees.

Ekomille solves in security the problem of rodent control in hospitals, communities, schools, barracks, public buildings and private homes. It can be successfully used in monitoring mode of infestations and validly used in monitoring and / or capture in outdoor environments such as parks, public parks, gardens, markets.

Ready for remote monitoring

Ekomille works in perfect symbiosis with Ekontrol, a completely autonomous remote control device, which allows you to carry out both rodent catch control and passage monitoring.

Add Ekontrol to Ekomille and enter the world of IOT (Internet Of Things) too.

Real-time control

Feel free from the task of inspections on your sites.
Your Ekomille notify you in case of catches or detections by email.

With a convenient web app you can check the status of the Ekontrol associated with each Ekomille, check the battery charge, carry out reports and statistics.

If your customers want to check the efficiency of your sites, you can provide them a dedicated access!

Demo videos

A collection of demonstration videos on Ekomille and its operation


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Enter the world of
Ecological Rodent Control​

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